Go2Play supports you through the different phases of your Draft Design Plan.


Study of potentiel

Study of market and competitive environment

Draft design plans

Environmental and thematic outlines


Business plan

Research and advice on financial package

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G02Play helps you during your different project implementation phases.

Administrative procedures

Identification of suppliers and service providers

Project coordination and administration

Project management

Budget monitoring

Master planning

Implementation of operating procedures

Connection and coordination of design studio and economist

Project design & construction supervision

Delegated project ownership

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Go2Play coordinates the different launch phases with you.

Reverse scheduling

Plan marketing & PR

Coordination of press and public relations

Commercial action plan

Implementation of pre-sales initiatives

Identification of partnerships

Recruitment and training of managers, staff and team members

Preparation and implementation of operational procedures

Go2Play supports you during the different phases from the preparation to the implementation of your project.

General and operational management

Everyday site management

Marketing and sales strategy oversight

Monitoring of social, quality and service indicators

Monitoring of financial procedures

Conducting of audits

Monitoring of operational and administrative procedures

Operational control tools

Management reports

Monthly, annual and medium-term budget forecasts

Entertainment and cultural engineering

Investment plan

Go2Play analyses the performance of your project and optimizes this by introducing action plans.

Organisational and human resources analysis

Team productivity and planning analysis

Evaluation of operational, financial and managerial performance levels

Efficiency of marketing, sales, operations and technology

Diagnostics and recommendations by sector or activity

Proposal and planning of performance improvement initiatives

Reverse scheduling of resources and initiatives to be launched

Action plan implementation, monitoring and budgeting

Performance control and monitoring tools

Coaching des managers

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