Mozart Experience Park


In Mozart’s homeland (AT), Stuppach Castle is known as the cradle with one of the most important musical works of all time, The Mozart Requiem. This musical work was commissioned, on death of his wife by the castle’s owner. It’s also the last musical composition of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who died before it was played.

The mission commissioned by the castle owners from GO2Play, with its THEMATIS partner, was to present a preliminary study, to develop a master plan and its business plan with a first entertainment program for the “MOZART EXPERIENCE PARK”.

This theme park will educate a large international audience about the work, history and incredible destiny of one of the greatest musicians of all time, Mozart. This next discovery and leisure park will be “an amazing cultural and entertainment place”, which will allow, through a multimedia experience, with immersive movies and sounds, to discover how Mozart created his fabulous requiem.


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